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    ▼Explicit Pale▲

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    ▼Explicit Pale▲

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    Reblogging this everyday so when I reblog porn people don’t unfollow me

    I love this.

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  6. Is it ok for me to like keep my options open? I’m seeing 4 different guys at the moment but I’m not in a monogamous relationship with any of them. This isn’t like cheating right?

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    ★ paler than u ★

    Paler than your white wall

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    امن💖queen sapphire 💖امن

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    "The Black Eclipse"

    my eyes are blind, where are you

    i don’t want to see death anymore.

    the crowd said it’s gonna get dark soon

    you will stop your heavy breathing tomorrow.

    your heart is all dried from the truth

    you’re turning down the lights and going into the dark.

    this is not your love

    your heart is a fist, drenched in blood,

    sadness killed your soul.

    your weak prayers are done

    the darkness gave you a soul decay - to live is a dream for you now.

    say nothing - when you’ll die in my hands.

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    things that should be allowed to be used in essays:

    • i shit you not
    • you feel me
    • no but get this
    • i’m just sayin
    • let me explain you a thing
    • and yeah

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